2024 Projects:

Agustin Issidoro, composer:

Creation of a voice-piano work at Ircam


Carla Moujahed-Coste, cello:

Recording of women composers works


Ian Tomaz, pianiste :

Study of Nadia Boulanger’s pedagogy in Das wohltemperierte Klavier, volume 1


Léa Bellili, soprano :

Alma, correspondances entre Lili Boulanger et Alicia Gallienne, musical spectacle


2023 Project:

Apolline Gouzi and Arthur Macé, musicologists:

Simone Plé, from witness to narrative. Composing the history of women musicians at the beginning of the twentieth century.


In 1928, the musician Simone Plé (1897-1986) compiled 121 biographical notes tracing the careers of French instrumentalists, singers, composers and musicographers. Simone Plé’s manuscript is an attempt at a feminine history of music, and bears witness to an unprecedented approach in a field of historiography and a professional milieu dominated by the cult of male genius. Entitled Le Rôle des femmes dans les carrières musicales, the manuscript has been digitised and is available on the Bru Zane MediaBase (link).

Since 1984, the CNLB has financially supported young musicians of the highest level (performers, composers and musicologists) studying in France and rigorously selected in their respective disciplines by an international jury appointed to this purpose.

In 2022, the conditions for obtaining the CNLB grants are changing [click above for detail]

CNLB - Nadia Boulanger, the only women among the competitors for the Prix de Rome for musical composition in 1908

– The Artistic Committee in charge of the CNLB’s grants meets three times a year: in February in order to constitute the international jury; in July to select the applications; in October to determine amounts to be awarded;

– The international jury is renewed every year and made up of prominent personalities in the musical world;

– The results are notified in October each year;

– The beneficiary of the grant provided by the CNLB sends a report when the project is completed.