Become a patron

Becoming a patron of the CNLB, means accompanying young talents in their careers and give them the chance to grow in excellence, and it is also to associate with an extraordinary musical and human adventure.

Becoming a patron of the CNLB also follows Nadia and Lili Boulanger’s prestigious tradition and helps to perpetrate their memory and work. The CNLB is an association defined by the law of 1901, and certified non-for-profit and public utility by the decree of 18 August 1972. 

Becoming a patron of the CNLB offers fiscal advantages; new measures intended to attract private funding for operations of general public interest give tax reductions to enterprises and to individuals.

Individuals, your donation to the CNLB is deductible from your income tax: you receive a reduction equal to 66% of the paid sum of money, within the limit of 20% of your taxable income (cf. article 200 of the Code général des Impôts).

Enterprises, the sums of money donated to the CNLB are deductible up to 60% from your turnover tax, within the limit of 10 000 € or of 0,5% of the turnover if it is higher (cf. article 238bis of the Code général des Impôts modified by the LFI for 2019).


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