Nguyen Thien Dao scholarships

Please note the new date for submitting files: February 1, 2021

Nguyen Thien Dao (1940-2015)

Composer Nguyen Thien Dao, born in Hanoi in 1940 came to France at a very young age, in 1953. At 23, he entered the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique de Paris and attended Olivier Messiaen’s class in 1967: it’s a decisive encounter and in his first year received his composition prize, in 1968. Messiaen has been an unwavering support for Nguyen Thien Dao, considering him “one of the most original composers of our time”. Having composed a lot, Nguyen Thien Dao saw himself as heir of two civilizations, Western values and Eastern mystical inspiration.

Deeply grateful for the unfailing support he had received during his years of study and during his career, he wished, and today his wife too, to set up a scholarship program for young musicians, nationals or non-nationals of an Asian country, to continue their studies in France.

Nguyen Thien Dao’s scholarships from the CNLB

Every year, the Nadia and Lili Boulanger International Center awards substantial scholarships to high-level young musicians (from ages 20 to 32) studying in France. They are rigorously selected in their respective disciplines – interpretation, composition and musicology – by an international jury appointed for that occasion.

Mrs Hélène Nguyen Thien wishes to perpetuate her husband’s memory by joining the CNLB’s scholarship’s program.

Studies project: candidates must apply with a project of studies to be carried out in France with teachers who can benefit them from the tradition of excellence of French music education. The application must be submitted one year ahead with the programme of study beginning the following year. This is the reason why the project of studies and the application for the scholarship are to be given two years in advance.

Timeline: scholarships are granted every year, for one academic year. The application must be submitted before February 1.

Jury: renewed every year, the international jury composed of five outstanding personalities in the music field is called upon to give its advice.

Funding: according to the available funds, the scholarships funding amount is likely to vary – and is likely to be adapted to the candidates’ needs, according to the resources they have.

Eligibility: conditions of access to the CNLB’s Nguyen Thien Dao scholarships are specified on the CNLB website where the application form can be downloaded.

Scholarships payment: the candidates are notified by the CNLB in early October of each year and are awarded for the following academic year. The scholarships are awarded twice a year, in early October and early February, in the presence of Mrs. Hélène Nguyen Thien and the members of the artistic committee of the CNLB. The February meeting leads to a private concert of that year’s scholarship Fellows.

Report of studies: at the end of the academic year, the scholarship recipients inform the CNLB’s artistic committee and Mrs Hélène Nguyen Thien of the work achieved; where appropriate, they accompany their report with scores, concert programs, review, criticisms or other documents concerning them.