Suzana Bartal
Pianist, CNLB Fellow 2008-2009

“Becoming a CNLB Fellow was a great honour for me. This help offered the opportunity to carry out my second year of studies at the CNSMDP in much greater security. Arriving in France shortly before, I did not meet the criteria to receive a scholarship from the Conservatory. I therefore had to work to earn a living while I was studying. I am very grateful to the CNLB for having been at my side during this crucial period of my training as an artist and for having allowed me to devote this precious time to my studies in order to become the concert performer I am today.”

Karol Beffa
Composer, CNLB Fellow 2002-2003

“Even more so than for a young performer, for a young composer to succeed in making a breakthrough is a crucial question. I will never be grateful enough to the CNLB for supporting me at the beginning of my career as a musician. At an age when one is so frequently tormented by questions and doubts, I was able to benefit from a scholarship from the CNLB: this mark of confidence was extremely precious for me.”

Dana Ciocarlie
Pianist, CNLB Fellow 1994-1995

“I was honoured and fortunate to be a recipient of the Nadia and Lili Boulanger scholarship during my studies in the CNSMD's advanced cycle in Dominique Merlet’s class. Thanks to my teacher's background and to my origins in the Romanian school of pianism, I am very proud to be a recipient of this scholarship. I feel strongly anchored in the lineage of Nadia Boulanger who was Dinu Lipatti’s teacher. The scholarship therefore affected me strongly; it came at a difficult time in my life and helped me prepare international competitions and recordings. Afterwards, I had the pleasure of playing the works of Nadia and Lili Boulanger several times in concerts.”

Violeta Cruz
Composer, CNLB Fellow 2011-2012

“As a young foreign student, I had to work to pay for my studies, even though my composition course at the Paris Conservatory was very demanding. Thanks to the support of the CNLB I was able to continue my studies of Composition in the best conditions.”

Bruno Mantovani
Composer, CNLB Fellow 1999-2000

“Even more than for a performer, the transition between the end of studies and the beginning of a career is a critical moment for a composer. A creator performs on stage only through others, and there are few places where he can meet those who will later perform his music. The Ircam Workshop is precisely one of those places where it is possible to make one's work known, in addition to learning how to use new technologies. It has become an obligatory rite of passage for any young composer. Without the help of the CNLB, I would not have been able to devote myself full time to this training which was a determining factor in my career.”

Tedi Papavrami
violonist, CNLB Fellow 1989-1990

“The CNLB scholarship which I was lucky to receive during my early years was absolutely providential in my career. I was 18 years old, but because of my early start, my formal education was already behind me for some time. Conscious nevertheless of having much still to learn and achievd, I am in debt to the CNLB for having allowed me not to plunge too abruptly into the professional world out of sheer necessity, and to have been able to choose my musical projects in this delicate period of construction.”

Philippe Villafranca,
violonist, CNLB Fellow 2003-2003

"Beyond the great honour of having been chosen by a jury composed of eminent personalities from the musical world, the Nadia and Lili Boulanger scholarship enabled me to pursue chamber music studies at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris. I was only 19 years old and had completed the 3rd cycle at the CNSM in Lyon, but I still had a great need to perfect my skills with the great masters and to meet more and more people before I could launch myself into professional musical life."